Annual Member Meeting Notice 

The Holden Employees Superannuation Fund will hold its second Annual Member Meeting (AMM) in early 2022. Please join us for our Annual Member Meeting on Thursday, 17 March 2022, from 4:00pm to 5:00pm (AEDT). 

All members are invited to attend. You will hear directly from the Trustee Board about how the Fund has performed over the last year and the outlook for the year ahead.

There will be an opportunity to put questions about the Fund to the Directors of the Trustee Board, Responsible Officers, investment consultants Russell Investments, the Fund Actuary and the Fund Auditor.

Due to uncertainty regarding health and safety rules relating to COVID-19 at the time of scheduling, there will not be an opportunity to attend the AMM in person.

We have provided a short summary of information below to ensure appropriate transparency and accountability across the Fund and to allow you to ask further questions if you wish:

  • Sum of Director remuneration - $170,537
  • Sum of marketing, promotional and sponsorship expenditure - Nil
  • Sum of political donations - Nil
  • Sum of industrial body payments - Nil
  • Sum of related party payments - Nil

How to Register

You need to register if you wish to attend the AMM.

If you would like to attend but haven’t provided your email address, please send an email expressing your interest to:

We will send you further information about how to register in February 2022.


All members of the Fund are invited to attend the AMM and ask questions of the Trustee Board. Some questions may be referred to a relevant expert such as our Fund Auditor or Actuary. We also invite written questions in advance for the meeting, and we will give priority to answering written questions. If it is not reasonably practicable to answer questions at our AMM, we will provide a written response within 1 month of the meeting.

Questions can be provided to:

If we cannot answer every question during the meeting, responses to all questions will made be available on our website after the meeting. Please note that due to privacy and other restrictions, we are not able to answer questions that relate to your specific personal circumstances.



Member Welcome and Chair Address
Phil Rubira, Chair of the Trustee Board


Investment Update 
Russell Investments, Investment Consultant 


Member Question & Answer Session




The AMM Minutes, including answers to questions we are unable to answer during the AMM, will be available on the Plan website within one month of the AMM.

Further Information 

Annual Member Meetings allow discussion of the key aspects of the Plan and provide members with a forum to ask questions about all areas of the Plan’s performance and operations.

To assist you with locating additional information, please use the links below to the Fund website:

We look forward to seeing you on the day.

20 January 2021